Lemon Brulee Pie with Mindy Simmons 8/10 11am

Lemon Brulee Pie with Mindy Simmons 8/10 11am


Learn how to make our well-loved summertime pie: Lemon Brulee Pie from local Chopped Champion, owner of Decadent Creations bakery, Mindy Simmons! Lemon Brulee Pie is like the summer love child of a lemon bar and a creme brulee! It’s full-lemon sourness with super creamy custard and a caramelized burnt sugar top!

Each student will roll and shape their own shortcrust, which is a super versatile pie crust recipe that can be used in all sorts of pies. Each student will make their own pie filling to bake a fresh pie that will taken home at the end of class, plus extra pie to eat at the end of class! In addition, students will take home an extra raw 9 inch pie crust to be ready for their own baking at home!

8/10 11am-12:30pm

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