Yeasted Donuts with Anna Slusser 3/25 1:00PM

Yeasted Donuts with Anna Slusser 3/25 1:00PM


Everyone knows them and loves them, the delicious bar donut! Whether you have it filled with jam, custard or just plain iced, these treats are the quintessential comfort food!

In this class you'll learn to make yeasted donuts (or risen donuts). If you've previously taken the cake donut class, this is the next step to mastering your donut making expertise! Participants will watch as Chef Anna demonstrates how to make the donut dough, glazes and fillings. Each student will then be provided a portion of pre-risen dough to cut, fry and add to as they please!

Each student will take home 6-12 donuts.

Ages: 12+

3/25/18 1pm-3pm

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