Thai Noodle Class with Kenny Morgan 11/8 6:00pm

Thai Noodle Class with Kenny Morgan 11/8 6:00pm


Learn how to make restaurant quality Thai noodle dishes at home with chef, Kenny Morgan!

You’ll learn in this hands-on class how to prep a variety of sauces, noodles, vegetables, and meats. You’ll receive the recipes for the best pad thai and drunken noodles, and learn the techniques to be able to make a classic dish or freestyle your very own dish! This class is gf and vegetarian friendly, and delicious for those who eat everything too! They’ll be enough food for a noodle feast at the end of class.

Kenny Morgan worked at Khao San in Portland, and has traveled extensively in Thailand. His recipies and techniques are coupled with fun stories of his journeys.

11/8 6:00pm-8:00pm

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