Knife Skills with Jimmy Le 10/21 2pm

Knife Skills with Jimmy Le 10/21 2pm


Great cooking isn't about recipes—it's about techniques. In Chef Jimmy's class you'll work perfecting your basic knife skills. Become acquainted and adept with the most classic and important of chef's tools, and your time in the kitchen will be transformed. In this hands-on class, you'll hone basic knife skills and practice the fundamental cuts—mince, dice, brunoise, bâtonnet and julienne. Plus, Chef Jimmy will teach you a few advanced techniques and offer tips for keeping all your knives maintained and sharp. Chef Jimmy will also offer an analysis on your knife so he can give recommendations on how to keep you knife sharp and maintained. You'll use these knife skills every time you cook, so if you only take one cooking class with Chef Jimmy, this should be the one! A light snack will be served from the knife cuts learned that class day.

Chef Jimmy recommends bringing in your knife from home or use one of his "in-house" knives to work that day.

Ages 15+

10/21 2pm-4pm

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