Handmade Pasta with Mark Colligan 2/11 6:30pm

Handmade Pasta with Mark Colligan 2/11 6:30pm


Few things are as luxurious as hand made pasta. Come and learn to create fresh pasta from scratch that would impress anyone, if you're willing to share it, that is. The evening will be filled with lots of noodles, killer but frightfully simple sauces, laughter and food to eat. All of it handmade and awesome. This would be a great start to a unique Valentine's week as a 1st or 187th date. Or a fun evening for those who simply want to escape the traditional V-Day silliness. Mark Colligan has been teaching artisan pizza here at the Collective Kitchen since we started and has now added this much requested pasta class.

2/11 6:30pm-8:30pm

Ages: 12+

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