Fermentation with Michele Thorne 3/24 10am

Fermentation with Michele Thorne 3/24 10am


Tis' the season for fresh fruits and veggies so why not try fermentation to add new flavors and healthy gut bacteria to your meals? Learn some of the benefits of fermenting, but also savor the flavors of seasonal produce to create beneficial fermented foods and beverages you can enjoy everyday at home! 

 BYOJ (Bring at least 1 of your own clean, sanitized 8oz or 16oz jar(s) to take home some of what you make). During the class, we'll also taste unique already-fermented food and beverages & take home the recipes! 

After taking this class you'll know...

- The critical differences between Fermentation vs Pickling 

- The basic tools you'll need to get fermenting the next day!

- 10 health benefits of consuming fermented foods

- How to make 3 Basic Beverage Ferments & 3 Unique Food Ferments

- Some great tips & recipes for using ferments in meals

Michele Thorne is local author of 'Adding Raw is Easy'.

3/24 10am-noon



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