Empanandas with Elsy Dinvil 6/29 4:00PM

Empanandas with Elsy Dinvil 6/29 4:00PM


In this class, attendees will learn how to make different types of dough from scratch to make your very own empanandas at home!
(1) Pâte feuilletée (leafy dough)
(2) Pâte brisée (breakable dough)
(3) The empanada dough for deep fried empanadas that Haitians call paté kòdé in French Creole
(4) Plus, we will use one of these doughs to make a pie and so many more techniques!

We will make different hearty fillings for our empanadas: beef, seafood, chicken, and vegan, plus a sauce béchamel. We will bake some and deep fry some!

Come ready to play with dough, learn new techniques, and have fun!

6/29 4:00PM- 6:30PM

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