Cocktail Cupcakes by Anna Slusser 4/8 1:30pm

Cocktail Cupcakes by Anna Slusser 4/8 1:30pm


Wild Roots Huckleberry Cupcakes

 Learn to make these delicious cupcakes infused with Wild Roots' newest flavor, Huckleberry Vodka! Wild Roots is a local company, which originated in Hillsboro and has since been recognized throughout the Northwest for their exceptional fruit-infused vodkas. Each bottle of Wild Roots starts with a five-time distilled and five-time filtered corn-based vodka, infused with over a pound of natural Northwest-grown fruit. Their vodkas include no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Join Anna as she takes you through her Lime & Wild Roots Huckleberry Cupcake recipe, a recipe for a light and fluffy liquor infused buttercream, and a tasting of Wild Roots Huckleberry Vodka. Each student will leave with a few cupcakes to enjoy at home. 

Ages 21+ And don't forget to bring your ID, please!

4/8  1:30pm-3:30pm

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