3-Day Cleanse with Michele Thorne 6/2 10am

3-Day Cleanse with Michele Thorne 6/2 10am


Take three days to kick-start a more nutrient-dense diet & healthier lifestyle! This class with Michele, author of Adding Raw is Easy, will show you how & get you going with your first three days of nutritious drinks!

Not everyone has a juicer, but most people want to have a quick and easy way to eat (or drink) more healthy options without all the fuss. Chef Michele will teach you how to add more nutrient dense food to the mix(er) during this smoothie extravaganza that's like a juice cleanse, only better! 

Unlike juices, smoothies contain lots of fiber, can be delicious both savory and mildly sweet, maintain nutritional integrity for longer than juices do, and all you need is a blender! You will not only go home with 3-days worth of blended smoothies, but you will also learn how to make each recipe yourself for your next cleanse (including a frozen smoothie pop recipe :)) 

To boot, you'll learn tips and useful tricks to effectively prep and plan for a smoothie or juice cleanse that are included in a downloadable copy of my DIY 3-Day Detox book, accompanied by a 3-day shopping guide, and also, you'll get my most popular (updated for 2018) summer smoothies recipe book!

Here are just some of the smoothies that will be included in your cleanse*

- Herbed Turmeric Red Pepper

- Blueberry Ginger Kefir

- Ancient Superfoods

- Spicy Cilantro Avocado 

- Irish Moss Cacao

- Pineapple Hibiscus Chia

- Goji Citrus Sunrise

- Coconut Moringa Mango 

- 12 Veggie Salute


Space is limited to 10 participants, so secure your spot today!

*Ingredients are subject to change due to availability. 

All smoothies will be packaged in 16oz  glass wide-mouth mason jars - cost is included and you can keep them afterwards. Some smoothies will be made in class and some smoothies will be pre-made (the morning of the class) and immediately frozen until pick up. 

6/2 10am-noon

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